Hunter Engineering Headquarters Visit

Hunter Engineering Headquarters Visit

The LIFTNOW Team just got back from yet another productive visit at Hunter’s World Headquarters just outside of St. Louis. This time, we brushed up on all of Hunter’s new and existing products before SEMA in a couple of weeks. For those not familiar with SEMA, it is THE automotive aftermarket trade show that takes place in Las Vegas. For a pre-show report, click here. We’ll also have a show report a few days following the event.

In a word, the Hunter Headquarters is spectacular; walking in, the walls are lined with over 350 patents, and hundreds of awards that Hunter has received over 5 decades for excellence in Engineering. (Ask any Hunter employee and they’ll tell you Engineering is their middle name). Over the three days we were there, we were able to get a refresh on some of the existing products, along with some of the newer automotive equipment, like the completely automated Quick Check Drive.

Quick Check Drive can check a car’s vital statistics and measurements, including alignment angles. Having a quality piece of inspection equipment is important to diagnose a customer’s vehicle and finding additional repair opportunities. When over 70% of “healthy” cars on the road need alignment, it pays to check every car.

Hunter Engineering Headquarters Visit
The AutoComp Elite brake lathe.

Another highlight was Hunter’s new on-the-car brake lathe, called the AutoComp Elite. The AutoComp Elite automatically compensates, calculating the perfect position of the solution to eliminate guesswork. Using a simple touchscreen interface, the user can set and vary speeds for the lathe. The AutoComp Elite also oscillates speeds automatically to prevent vibrating, which can potentially damage a rotor. All of these features make the AutoComp Elite the easiest and most efficient solution in today’s marketplace.

Another highlight of the trip was the factory tour. Hunter Equipment is “proudly made in the USA”, and they proved it. Hunter maintains three factories (two in Mississippi and one in Missouri that shares space with its corporate offices). We took an hour-long factory tour, and while pictures were prohibited to maintain confidentiality, what we can say is it was IMPRESSIVE.

The tour guide explained that whenever possible, Hunter sources, designs and assembles parts in the United States, like manufacturing their own balancer collets in-house, and sourcing the steel from a mill just 30 miles away. We were personally blown away—it’s the epitome of strong, reliable American manufacturing.

Stay tuned for more surprises from SEMA, coming up in a couple of weeks! As always, if you want to talk about something or have any comments, contact us here.

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