First Look for 2019

First Look for 2019

2018 was a hallmark year for LIFTNOW. We hired more sales professionals and engaged with more customers than ever before. We made visits to manufacturers, attended trade shows, and even held our own seminars and events. We also extended our geographical footprint from only NY and parts of CT to the entire Tristate area, including North/Central Jersey, and as far east as Hartford, CT.

2019 is poised to be another groundbreaking year—here’s why:

  1. Dedicated Sales Professionals: Many of the sales professionals we hired have been the last few months, but 2019 will really see us serve you in the way that LIFTNOW is famous for. They’ve been trained well in all product lines and can look out for service (keeping your workplace safe and profitable), shop design and financing options for all shops.
  2. Community Engagement: Look out for the press release in the first week of January, but we’re proud to announce that we’ve help found the New York City Auto Repair Association (NYCARA for short), the first trade association dedicated solely to auto repairers in the New York City area.

Past that, look out for continued engagement with other trade organizations in the area, including AASP (New Jersey), where we’ll have a booth again and give educational seminars, the NETSA show (New England), and other small organizations across the region.

  1. Website Development/Update: We made a few important updates to our website for 2019, including a product catalog, a “Find-a-Sales-Rep” tool, and the ability to fill out credit apps online. It’s never been easier to research and equipment for sale.
  2. New Product Offerings: At SEMA we worked closely with some of the highest quality manufacturers and added some new lines of equipment that match our philosophy of only selling the absolute highest quality, as it’s the way to attract and keep customers. We’ve been keeping it a secret, but here’s who we added:
    1. LSI: Lighting specialists based in Ohio, they’re known for dealership lights and service department lights. They have a good product mix, and many of them are made and shipped out of New York. Many OEMs, including Kia and Mazda, mandate that LSI lighting is used.
    2. Champion: Champion is known for their reciprocating air compressors, which are common in gas stations and small repair shops.
    3. Martins Industries: Canadian company known for inflation cages, tire shelving/racks, tire conveyors and more.
    4. Omer- Parking Lifts: Italian-made lift company with headquarters in Georgia known for high-end parking lifts, from the simplest double stacks, to the most elaborate, completely robotic parking setups.
    5. American Forge & Foundry (AFF): Company known for jacks, presses, vises and more! Industry-leading shipping time and product offerings.

See something you like? See something you hate? Let us know!

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