Guess what? We’re ALI-certified.

What is ALI?

ALI is the Automotive Lift Institute, which is a third-party, not-for-profit organization that acts as governing body and certification for lift safety and regulations. Their regulations apply to both new and used lifts.

What's the point of ALI certification?

Basically, ALI is the gold standard in lift certification. They test lifts under all sorts of scenarios and conditions, to make sure that it holds up. Additionally, an ALI inspector is given pages of forms to fill out when testing and inspecting your lift to make sure it holds up:

ALI has been granted accreditation for this program from the American National Standards Institute (ANSI).  This assures absolute independence and unquestionable integrity for the program.

Key certification considerations:

  • There are no conditional, temporary, or partial certifications.
  • Only lifts bearing ALI’s gold certification label are certified – all others are not certified.
  • It is fraudulent to use the ALI Certification Label, or reference the Certification Program, on products that are not manufactured in compliance with all requirements of the applicable standards.
  • Certification extends to options and accessories.
  • Use of non-certified options or accessories on a certified lift will void the certification of the lift for as long as the configuration remains altered.
  • A lift cannot be certified after installation as structural design elements, such as material composition and required stress calculations, cannot be validated.
  • There is a procedure for investigating field reports alleging noncompliance or failure of certified products.
  • The ALI Certification Mark is vigorously defended (by legal means if necessary).
  • Membership in ALI is not required to participate in the ALI Automotive Lift Certification Program.

Can my lift be ALI certified?

Check out this handy tool from ALI to see if your lift’s model is eligible for ALI-certification. 

Note: All NEW models of the main manufacturers can usually be ALI certified without checking.Most offshore brands cannot be certified because they do not pass the rigorous standards, even at their best.

What's the difference between an ALI inspector and other lift inspectors?

The ALI program includes extensive printed training materials, a six-hour orientation workshop, a written pre-course exam, a final course exam, and documented practical experience. After successfully passing the exams, the candidate will receive recognition as an automotive lift inspector certified by ALI.
Lift inspectors, certified by ALI, are required to sign and adhere to the program’s Code of Ethics.  In addition, the service provider (the inspection company employing the inspector) is required to sign a separate Participant Code of Ethics.
Other lift inspectors don’t need to take any tests, workshops, or train in any formal way. Make sure that if you’re getting a lift inspection, you’re getting ALI.

Can an ALI-certified company give you uncertified inspections?

Yes, and it’s a common trick among other equipment companies. Here’s the rundown:
  1. A company is ALI-certified and has ALI-certified inspectors that have gone through the rigorous process.
  2. The company advertises ALI inspections.
  3. The company inspects your lifts:
    1. You didn’t get an ALI gold-label certification sticker: You probably didn’t get an ALI-inspection.
    2. You got an ALI gold-label certification sticker: You didn’t necessarily get an ALI-inspection. Demand the accompanying paperwork that comes along with every ALI inspection, which is a comprehensive, multi-page report of your machine, with specific criteria on your lift’s performance and condition.



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