The Shop of the Future

What is “The Shop of the Future”?

The Shop of the Future describes what we at LIFTNOW sell. We’re not just a distributor- we are committed to helping you build and run your shop with the most productive and investment-worthy equipment. Times are changing in the automotive industry faster than anyone can keep up with. It seems like every day vehicle manufacturers are debuting new technologies, and along with them, new repair procedures. If you’re not keeping up daily, you’ll likely miss important things that will both save lives and make you money.

It’s why we choose our manufacturers carefully to build “The Shop of the Future”. It’s why we couple our sales with service, training, and shop design in a way no other company can. We are frequently thanked by our customers for adding new technology to their shop or making room for an extra bay, and in the process helping them make hundreds of thousands of dollars. We’ve turned over 1000 shops into “The Shop of the Future” since opening our doors in 2003. We’d like to help you too!

For more on “The Shop of the Future”, contact us at or call us at 1-800-LIFTNOW.


Liftnow is the New York Tristate's #1 Automotive Equipment distributor. We pride ourselves on the ability to outfit repair shops, body shops and car dealerships with whatever they need to succeed. We have a full-time sales and service team, and also have design, inspection and financing services.

Liftnow - Automotive Equipment distributor


We are located in Westchester County, NY:

PO Box 972, Yorktown Heights, NY 10598


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